food inspiration! goo balls!

here is a photo of some “goo balls” that we made recently. a gluten free alternative to sweets of any kind. these have no refined sugar or sweeteners. the idea is to start with peanut butter as a base. then add a bit of vanilla and cinnamon to taste. next add whatever trail mix type ingredients you have on hand. any type of nuts. dried fruits. and perhaps a bit of coconut flakes. mix together with a bit of agave syrup to taste. if your feeling the need for extra sweet some chopped chocolate pieces can be added. mix the “goo” ingredients together, then form them into small bite sized balls. roll the goo balls in shredded coconut or chopped nuts and stick them in the ice box for a few… simple! easy! delicious! and of course nutritious! love and enjoy! s/p. food and photos by s/p. 2013



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2 Responses to food inspiration! goo balls!

  1. jemmaeats says:

    What a great idea-so simple! Will try 🙂

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