carrot top pesto

recently harvested beautiful baby heirloom carrots! made a delicious pesto from the carrot tops. here is the recipe in simple form. 2cups fresh carrot tops rinsed. 1cup extra virgin olive oil. 1cup whole almonds roasted over low heat in a bit of curry powder and toasted almond oil. 1/2 cup golden flax seeds. salt and pepper to taste. and about 2cups water.
method: put all ingredients except water into blender. slowly add water as needed and begin to blend pesto. you are looking for a nice thick smooth consistency so be very careful not to add too much water. for additional flavor you can use veggie stock in place of water. keep blending until you have a thick smooth green pesto sauce! freely spoon over rice, veggies, beans, eggs, or grains! we top ours with fiery red hot sauce for a perfect blend of hot and cool! love! enjoy! food and photos by s/p. 2013



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