changing changes!

just recently came across a photo i took at this very same time last year. in southern california. on another bright sunny yellow “winter”  southern california day. this is my favorite beach to go and hide from the goings on of the world. such a magically beautiful place. change over 365 days and gazing upon 9,000 foot mountain peaks covered in snow. so amazing how changes are good. imagination lives on. we are our minds. and when i get cold and blue. wham! im right back on that southern cali beach burying myself in the sand and laughing at the seagulls. and for continued change. may we all wake each morning with the intention to first better ourselves for the greater good of it all. love love and more love. s/p. photo by s/p. 2012cliff view.

and a small p.s. thank you thank you thank you followers of the sageandpaperclip! weve reached over 200 now! yahoo! yeeha! thank you truly.


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