where you from?!

goodmorning friends! today on sageandpaperclip we are starting a new column. a reflection of the past 29 years. pieces of a small history. interconnected to a huge amazing network of friends and family from all over the whole wide world! this is my thanks to my friends and family! and to those of you who follow the sageandpaperclip project thankyou thankyou thankyou! here is the beginning. of sorts.! love! enjoy! s/p.

I started this journey at florin and watt.
At the north fork of the American river.
At ponderosa. At shirttail creek.
I started this journey in a back yard on a swing set.
In a broke down Volkswagen beetle with a door ajar.
I started this journey on a bike. Through Rocklin. Loomis. Penryn. Folsom. Auburn. Newcastle. Granite Bay. Citrus Heights. Roseville. I started this journey on June 28th 1983 11:58 pm. Almost on the 29th. Face up 22inches long.
Where you from?!…

words by s/p. 2012
photo by s/p. 2012



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