san franscisco love!

had an amazing weekend in san franscisco! got to see some true legends of bluegrass. so super inspiring! here is a photo of a tree we found in golden gate park! it’s awesome! enjoy! love! -s/p. photo by sp.2012



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3 Responses to san franscisco love!

  1. richardhaas8 says:

    After living in Texas for …………hmmm, I guess it’s been about 28 years, I still miss Golden Gate Park. Every apartment I lived in there was within 6-8 blocks of the Park. I don’t know that tree, but you have discovered a very wonderful thing in a Park that is filled with wonderful things.
    Thank you for this photo. Visit my site if you like.

  2. BreOfficialBlog says:

    Wow, as I was scrolling through WordPress, I had to stop for this picture. I love the twisted form of this tree. Really Interesting : )

  3. What might be perceived as a twisted, imperfect tree becomes a thing of beauty in this photo

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