some thoughts on travel!

as traveling is currently the mode of existence i have been doing a bit of writing… notes of some kind. reminders of another. these are words straight from my stream of thought. i hope they resonate…the beauty of our humanness lies in the ability to understand one another. the following is my attempt to do so! love! enjoy! s/p.

Never be too proud
Never be to proud to sit on steps others overlook.
Never be too proud to pull something out of the trash can.
Never be too proud to order the cheapest thing on the menu
Never forget you may have it all and nothing or have nothing and have it all.
Its all the same
Balance lies in the grey area.
The area of both
The area of everything and nothing!
The area of wearing your fanciest to swim in the sea
Wearing your worst to fancy dinner.
It’s all the same
Enjoy it all while it lasts…
And love some more
Beauty is between the brix…
No one can take what’s inside your heart.
Love yourself as much as you love those around.
Hug yourself
Be gentle with yourself
Challenge yourself
Get shit canned every once in awhile
These things make you real.
Everybody poops
Everybody cries
Everybody has times of want and times of bounty

Love! from the ghetto child’s guide to travel.
Installment number 2
ps. use big words like installment it makes you seem smart! 😉

words by ang: 2012



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