skateboarder crush: haslam

skateboarding has been a huge part/love of my life since i was a wee knee biter. trying on my big brother’s think wide leg pants. brands like blind. vision street wear. santa cruz skateboards, black label, anti hero. etc… etc…i rolled around mongo style at rocklin skatepark. never leaving the ground. simply finding a cruisy line. going round and round. in circles. for hours. i finally started pushing regular and could actually roll around fairly fast. then i went to art school. and rode a bike. i love bikes. always have. always will. again have to thank my big brothers for that.  now days. im running. running far. which brings me to why i have a photo of the ever great chris haslam in this post. he is here because he is hot. and great at skateboarding. and can grow a wicked beard. and is mellow but probably listens to the heaviest metal ever and no body even knows it. he is a hunky inspiration. enough rambling. enjoy the eye candy and go running! love! s/p.


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One Response to skateboarder crush: haslam

  1. Dan Miller says:

    Cool portrait. This is one area I haven’t gotten into yet.

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