the day to day.

little things. that keep us going. the ritual. fill the tea pot. turn the dial. put the tea pot on the burner. wait. a cause. a purpose. hot yummy tea water. today is love day. a rented car. a drive up the coast. perhaps a nice sit down dinner. with a candle. and a dotted line person sitting invisibly in front of me. adele said. sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead. today is a day to take it slow. simply be. and know it will all work out wonderfully! beyonce said. all the single ladies, put your hands up!  photo by:s/p. enjoy! s/p.


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4 Responses to the day to day.

  1. wildapplause says:

    i love that photo. do you mind if i use it sometime while giving you full credit on my blog? It’s such a wonderful reminder…..make art…..

  2. So true, I’ve always believed that ‘life is in the details’, you find love and beauty in all those quiet, and seemingly insignificant moments, and that’s what it’s all about, a slow accumulation of these tiny moments. It will all work out, day by day.

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