love day trip.

thinking a quick jaunt to hawaii would be fun! i have never been. i hear oahu is a great island. any other feedback on which island to visit? empty beach and good local seafood are the priorities! heres to mid -winter vacations! yahoo! enjoy! s/p. 

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3 Responses to love day trip.

  1. All of the Hawaiian islands are beautiful, however, they have their own kind of “beauty.” Kauai and Maui rank at the top for me. When I like of Hawaii I like of lush, tropical jungles, and pristine beaches, along with delicious mai tai’s, lava flows, and shave ice.

    Kauai is very jungle-y and seems to be a little bit more quiet compared to the other islands. They have some good beaches, and breathtaking sites such as the NaPali Coast and the Waimea Canyon.

    Maui has AMAZING beaches. The town of Lahaina is a lot of fun and the road to Hana is spectacular. This island has great shopping and luxury resorts as well.

    Oahu is the most popular and most busy. When I think of relaxing Hawaii, Oahu is a little too busy for me. It does have some fun adventures though! Go shark diving off the northern coast (in a shark cage of course) or go sky diving, I don’t think you could ever find a better view. 🙂 Pearl Harbor is a must!

    We did a tour of Lanai and it’s very quiet. Shipwreck beach is fun to explore but there’s not a lot as far as shopping, restaurants, and “touristy” stops.

    The Big Island and Molokai are the only islands we have yet to visit. I can’t wait to see what recommendations others have for these two islands.

  2. mark says:

    i love the big island. especially Kona. i’d like to go to Kauai next time, i hear it’s lovely

  3. Kurt W says:

    Great color in these shots!

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