the coast.

the coast has always been a healing place for me. i got a chance to drive the california hi way 1 from san francisco to the central coast recently. as i drove. the winding stretch of road high above the pacific. my worries. cares. stresses. fears. fell away. all that remained was me. my rental car. the sunshine. and a few select but carefully chosen cds. i watched the sunset. red. orange. yellow. and mercury blue on the water. proof. that the world is still spinning. and this is going to be a great year! cheers to coasts everywhere! enjoy! s/p.


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4 Responses to the coast.

  1. Ah yes, the open road does have that effect on one, lovingly stretching out in front of you…Seriously loving the polaroid and the words that goes with it!

  2. Beautiful! I love coasts too, and this is a wonderful photo. 🙂

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