selling it all…

hello friends in glowing screen land! sorry it has been a good month since i have posted anything to this here blog. lots of thinking and breathing have been happening. the wee epiphany come over me that husband and i have far too many material goods. the only good solution to this issue of sorts is to go through it. assess. and rid. we have essentially halved the amount of things we own. and are getting ready to sell the half we no longer need. very interesting to see things you once held “dear” in a pile. of course the questions of what is important? and what do i really need? come to mind. and i have determined that all i really could use to be comfortable is a backpacking water filter and backpacking stove and fuel. i truly believe that the most important “possession” is the earth in her most natural state. nothing is more valuable. there is no such thing as value when it comes to ecosystems existing and creating precious oxygen for our sensitive lungs. am i going to throw all of my things away? no. but i am going through each and every item i have filled my life with and asking myself a few questions…what has this item taught me in the past few months, days, years? how many dinner plates/pint glasses/coffee mugs/beer coosies/bicycles/jackets/watercolor sets/books/dvds/vases/chairs/etc. etc. do we really use? and the answer is naturally not as many as we currently have. however this isn’t to say that material goods aren’t helpful and beautiful and handy and comfortable. we just would like to pass some of our wonderful things onto others….and perhaps think more in depth the next time that super cute candle holder presents itself in front of my face….love and enjoy! s/p.


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