the places we will go! a few months ago i took a journey to northern california. the place of my birth. to reconnect with old friends and spend some much needed time in the wilds. that particular journey took me to the sacramento valley, colfax ca, coloma ca, through the sonoma/napa valley,petaluma ca, bodgea bay, and onto ukia and eureka. eventually ending up deep in the forests of the matole river valley. along the way i visited some amazing places. here is a short list of the long. in no particular order. if you find yourself along hi-way 1 perhaps youll stop by some of these points. heres to journeys! enjoy! s/p. above photo by ansel adams. all links below courtesy of yelp.

the boathouse in bodega bay is fabulously non-pretentious and amazingly delicious. great seafood done the good old fashion way!

super local. super natural. at chautauqua you can find yummy natural treats. the small deli counter cranks out delicious smoothies and hearty soups!

coloma ca is known as a vortex to us raft guiding folk. it is home. i can be gone from this little haven for six years. come back. and its all the same. the town of lotus/coloma is seasonal. the population on the town sign says 150. during the summer this mellow river community becomes home to hundreds of wild (as in wilderness), dirty, fun loving river guides. i raft guided in coloma for six years before moving to southern california. the river always welcomes you back. for an early morning cure for your late night adventures sierra rizing is the spot. wi-fi. outdoor seating. and hot coffee. all you need!

high hand conservatory  is fabulous! if i lived closer im afraid i would have to eat there each and everyday. the scene is a massive glass conservatory with a restaurant inside. surrounded by a nursery with incredible plant/flower displays strewn throughout walking paths. and fountains. and local artisans selling their goods out of an old ag packing house. it doesn’t get much better! ive had the wood-fired pizza. amazing. ive had the hot-dog. amazing. ive had the goat cheese toasts. amazing. you get the point! if you find yourself in the sacramento area make the mellow drive up hi-way 80 to loomis and check this place out!

i had never spent time next to or among redwoods before my last journey north. words don’t work when your in such a magical place so ill say this. go see them. and leave no trace.

well friends that is the short of the long. i will most likely be adding to this places list. hope you enjoy! s/p.


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