i had never thought about having a home with an ocean view until i saw the above photo. how sweet your dreams must be with the ocean as your wall. a living world right outside your window. here are a few other views with rooms! enjoy!


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3 Responses to inspiration.

  1. thank you for the memory martha! what a wonderful experience! i love being out in nature and feeling that deep peace that comes when we are in something so much bigger than ourselves! enjoy! s/p.

  2. Amazing view! There’s just nothing like a view of nature to bring me close to God. It is especially true of water – so lifegiving! I am reminded of a weekend retreat in a natural setting with deer and dolphins at a campgrounds near the water. Each morning began with a church service at a rustic chapel with windows on all sides and as we praised the Lord in the wee hours just as the sun rose, we were surrounded by His glory as His light appeared in so many ways . . . there was the amazing water with light reflected on it and the dolphins who leaped into the air as though they, too, were praising Him. Somehow I think they were!

    Great pictures!

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