grilled green tomatoes.

summer! gardens! bbq! green tomatoes! the little green niblets of love are starting to show up this time of year. i had never tried a fried one but we all loved the movie growing up so the food version couldn’t be bad. last night i grilled the above beauties. easy and amazingly delicious! heres the process:

-green tomatoes

-olive oil

-salt and pepper

slice the tomatoes like you would if you were using them on a sandwich. lay them flat out on a plate or dish. generously coat both sides in olive oil. then coat both sides in salt and pepper. im a salty kind of a person so i was thorough with my salting. throw those babies on a grill. cook until desired doneness. mine cooked for about 5 minutes each side. they take a bit more time than expected. serve hot right from the fire. we ate them as an antipasti. enjoy!

ps. i would show you a photo of the finished product but i ate it! yum! perhaps next time…


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4 Responses to grilled green tomatoes.

  1. kat says:

    I’ve never had a green tomato before! Does it taste just like a regular red tomato? Silly question, I know… I’m new to this blogging thing and am loving the foodie community! Please check out my blog: If you have any advice, please do share! 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    I have plenty of green tomatoes but I couldn’t sacrifice them since I’m so eagerly awaiting beautiful ripe red ones. I will try this in the fall as our first frost comes so early.

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