back to school!

back to school shopping never gets old. i remember living paycheck to paycheck with my single ma. the type of lady who could make something from nothing. living on literally pennies for two weeks. until she got a paycheck. then it was shopping time! i am now a bit more grown up. and husband and i are truly blessed to be where we are in life. shopping is still a love of mine. and i am gearing up for my second year teaching art at a lovely private school with some back-to-school shopping! on the list are a nice leather jacket for fall. last fall i rocked this . this season i am thinking more along the lines of  finding the perfect leather jacket has proven a bit of a struggle. many of the ones ive tried fit wonkie. i have never owned a leather jacket so it has to be absolutely perfect. another item on the wish list are these. or some version like them:  i would also really love to rock some of these. i think they would go well with my new pair of these:  heres to shopping and all of the journey that comes with searching for the perfect ‘one’! enjoy!




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