tye die party!

each monday husband and i host an “art/guitar time” for the local high school kids at our house. we supply art supplies and the kids get to create freely. thus far we have had painting. stenciling. and drawing. this past monday we had tye-dying! the gathering of supplies was a lengthy one. but now we have everything we need to throw a successful tye-die party!

here is a general breakdown of the supplies and where they were obtained in case you would like to throw your own tye-die party!

-applicator bottles here!

-dye (and t-shirts) here!

-rubber bands (ground cloths and sometimes t-shirts) here!

-i had my own camp stove to heat the water for mixing the dye. i would recommend dying out doors!

-a large pot for holding the heated water

-plenty of paper towels

-tarps and ground covers

the rest are things you most likely have in your home. i added table salt to all of the applicator bottles with the liquid rit dye. i then set up my camping stove outside with a large pot for boiling water to mix the dye in the applicator bottles. its important that the water be hot but not so hot as to melt the bottles i used a bit of cold tap water to balance out the heat. we also had three large plastic buckets filled with cold water to pre soak the t-shirts before rubber banding them. the kids looked up you-tube videos of various tye-dye patterns which worked out well. very important to note. * i laid out large plastic ground covers which is a must. however they still leaked a bit of dye onto the driveway. if you are concerned about this you can put a large tarp down then the ground cover! in order to keep the dye in a somewhat contained area we had plenty of paper towel rolls and the kids stood in a circle around the edge of the ground cover and poured the dye into the center of the circle. this worked well. then we had a separate ground cover to place the freshly dyed garments on. on a logistical note the kids let the shirts sit over night so the dye could soak in. in the morning they rinsed them in cold water and stuck them in the dryer to fix the dye. then wash them separately a few times and violla! here are some photos of the journey! totally fun time! enjoy!

top photo by miranda smith. all others sageandpaperclip!


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