thrift store shopping has long been a part of my life. younger we shopped thrift stores because we could afford nothing more. middle school i shopped thrift stores because i was a radical and wanted to separate myself from the suburban norm. college i went to art school so thrift stores were a no brainer for vintage picture frames, and bike messenger clothing. now my late 20’s thrift stores are something of all of these things combined. i teach art part time so the financial necessity is there. i never lost my love for vintage picture frames, and i still think of myself as a bit radical (in a domestic, married, almost 30 yr old way) i shop thrift stores as the primary source of my clothing, and home goods. on a recent journey with husband we scored two teak benches for the front courtyard. 29.95 dollars for two teak benches. amazing. next phase for the courtyard are some reclaimed wood planter boxes. but the thrift- store- found teak benches will satisfy my ¬†courtyard needs for a bit! cheers to finds! enjoy!


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