window dressings.

we have lived in our 1920’s spanish craftsman for two-ish months now and i still have not figured out what curtains to use for the massive front window. i had husband hang a curtain rod above the curve in the window so when the curtains were open we could see the arch. when closed the whole window is covered. the curtains that currently live on the window are sheers from ikea. i did two layers to help with the need for night time privacy. during light hours they live wide open. i have been looking at these and these or if this wallpaper could be made into linen curtains. my home is neutral for the most part with pops of color here and there. i love raw wood and green together. i have a massive linen painters drop cloth that i am thinking of sewing some things to in DIY fashion as my humble career as an art teacher prohibits me from buying 200 dollar curtains. i will keep you informed as to the progress of my conceptual handmade linen curtain projects. for now the window will live with the ikea sheers! enjoy!


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