can project art space and bike kitchen…

dreaming is what makes the world go round. two months ago my husband and i moved to a small community on the central coast of cali known as the citrus capitol of the world. we came here to start new and to integrate into a community full of amazing culture. both my husband and i have a long past working with youth non-profits. i love hanging out with kids. the enthusiasm and honesty of the youth is so refreshing! ever since this move i have been dreaming and praying over this community and how i can best be used to serve the youth while doing something i love. this is where art comes in. art is generational in my family. my ma didn’t have much monetarily but she has always been an amazingly talented artist. i inherited the love of art and its wild, all encompassing nature. teaching art has been a huge part of my life. one that i love. in praying/dreaming; a vision for a space for the youth of my community to create art developed. the space in my mind is downtown on the main drag. in a small narrow space. with hardwood floors. brick walls. and pressed tin ceilings. natural light spills in. two long narrow tables with black bases and white melamine tops on casters run down the center. white stools surround the tables. supplies would be kept in all white cabinets lining the back walls. this space would double as a gallery space where artists would show work and donate a percentage of sales to art supplies for the youth art programs. the youth themselves would have shows of their work in the space to give back and create ownership. the back courtyard would be a space to work on bikes. bikes are wonderful. having gone to art school in chicago i embraced the bike culture and pedaled 365 days a year. my husband shares the same love of bikes and collects vintage schwinns. ill keep you posted on the progress of the can project art space and bike kitchen. for regular updates on all things creative please visit sageandpaperclip’s facebook page! heres to the dreamers!


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