gar·den  (gärdn)


1. A plot of land used for the cultivation of flowers, vegetables, herbs, or fruit.
Garden. to grow things. if the desire to have an amazing garden counted for anything i would be the director of the new york botanical gardens. but the desire sadly doesn’t count for anything. i seem to be black thumbed. ants in the soil. aphids on the hibiscus, dogs digging the herb rows. the list of follies goes on and on. but this year i am determined. determination surpasses desire. i am now looking up planting times for zone 22 in southern/central california. i am finding plants that fit the “partial sun, moderate water, vegetable category”. i am reading. i am weeding. and i am dreaming. i will let you know when my bounty of beautiful organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers emerges. 

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  1. gmomj says:

    So gorgeous!!! Is that yours?

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