i have been blessed enough to be given the job of teacher for quite some time in my few short years. teaching for me is not the traditional stand in front and tell the pupils what you know. there is sharing of ideas. communication of experiences.  i teach art. the vast ever changing some say subjective subject. the thought. the idea. of art. my main goal as an art teacher is to break down the ides that there is right/good art and wrong/bad art. this is not so. there are tools. methods. techniques. in art that have been used throughout time by those creating. but there are no right/wrong. good/bad. ways of doing so. it has been an amazing thing to watch children interact with complex ideas such as sighting to get perspective with a vase of flowers. or eighth graders going into a unit on japanese ink painting using the human figure as the subject. art grows. we grow. i love my job.


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