visiting auburn.

auburn ca. a small, old, gold mining town in northern california.  i like to say i raised myself there. my mother took me to see a traditional folk band there when i was 10. through the adolescent years we would make day trips to visit the indian trading post. an amazing shop full of dried herbs, lemon grass braids, glass beads, hand-made turquoise jewelry, and incense sticks of all kinds. my ma would always buy the pinion incense and i would choose one item, each trip yielding a different find. post card portraits of native americans, or pouches of kinnickinnick. that beautiful store burned down a few years ago and has been replaced with a new business, but i will never forget the journeys my ma and i had to that sacred place. i made a recent visit back to that place. and found a new magical building. an old mining era store front with a beautiful colorful quilt out front. we wandered over and were welcomed in to what is now the LING YING ASSOCIATION HOUSE an organiztion set up in the 1850’s to care for the social, medical, and  legal needs of the Chinese during the gold rush. the building now serves as a museum. an untouched glimpse of what once was. in this building are what remains of a chinese school, community kitchen, lodging rooms, and a beautiful temple. i was entranced at the objects. original ink fountains, and embroidered traditional cloth flags. the rooms still exactly as they would have been. i wanted these things. this history. not only for the stories each object told, but the sheer visual beauty and simplicity of historical objects. here are some images from the house which is located in beautiful auburn ca and can be found at 200 sacramento st, auburn ca 95604. enjoy!


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  1. A-town is where it’s at….

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