an ode to karma.

approximately a few months ago my husband and i rescued karma from the pound. karma was left by her family because she was too big. as she lay curled up in the cage waiting to be set free my husband and i pondered the chances of how we ended up with a dog named karma. of course one of the selling points is that we now get to say we rescued karma from death!  it has been a few months with karma living in our home and on one occasion when karma ran away from us i drove my car through the quite streets at 10pm yelling KARMA COME BACK TO ME!!!….. to which i am sure is why the neighbors no longer make eye contact. but through and through our karma has been wonderful. funny. and truly the perfect addition to our little family. here are some images of our wonderful karma. enjoy!


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One Response to an ode to karma.

  1. Hey yo! Whazzz up? Nice work. I really like the doggie pics. What a sweet little pup. Let us know when you are coming to Coloma!

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