i madonnari.

the beautiful city of santa barbara hosts their own version of i madonnari each memorial day weekend. an interesting history follows i madonnari. originating in italy back in the days of old were street painters called madonnario stemming from the word madonna, as this was one of their most popular street art themes. these early artist used chunks of roofing tile and pieces of coal to render the drawings on the streets. wily band of artists followed religious festivals and happenings around, painting images during these gatherings. when the festival ended and the rains came the artists themselves would vanish with the street visuals. in my dreams i am a chalk art street painter following the festivals and rain. this year i was invited to participate as an art facilitator for children to chalk draw a large cement square. i arrived bright and ugly expecting to have a group waiting for me. i was alone. for the first half hour or so, then other friends arrived to help with the communal creation. the theme was “under the sea” and children where encouraged to create various “sea creatures.” i provided a few random images for those who wanted inspiration. perhaps my favorite sea creature of the morning was a picture of a kitty riding on a dolphin’s back. what was once a blank, black, cement square quickly became a colorful conglomeration of various sea themed life forms. here are a few images of the morning. i hope you enjoy!


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